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Weeeeell, Bust My Buttons, That’s a Horse of Different Color!

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on March 24, 2010


Texas – “The Reddest State in the Nation in Politics, But the Greenest in the Nation for Energy” 

Texas Power is Blowing in the Wind – State Uses $5B P3 For Green Energy DALLAS — One of the largest public-private partnerships in Texas involves transmission of electricity produced by wind. The $5 billion Competitive Renewable Energy Zone transmission network represents a new way of building a system for bringing power to major population centers. In the case of CREZ, the power is not coming from traditional coal, gas or nuclear plants but from wind farms in isolated areas of West Texas that have become known as the largest source of renewable energy in the nation. (Click here for more.)

State Energy Conservation Office Texas currently leads the nation in wind development, and the Texas electric transmission grid has a critical need for expansion. Wind energy production in remote areas of the state has jumped dramatically over the past few years, putting heavy demands on the transmission systems that deliver electricity from the best resource locations in remote areas to where it will be used in urban areas. (Click here for more.)

The Infinite Power of Texas: Generation for Generations The Texas State Energy Conservation Office (SECO) created the Infinite Power of Texas Renewable Energy Educational Campaign to accelerate the acceptance of renewable energy resources in Texas. SECO’s Innovative Energy Demonstration Program promotes the use of renewable energy and sustainable building practices through technology demonstration, hands-on instruction and renewable energy education.  Renewable energy can have significant economic development, security and reliability benefits and opportunities for Texas communities and… (Click here for more.)


3 Responses to “Weeeeell, Bust My Buttons, That’s a Horse of Different Color!”

  1. sandra longley said

    I guess a bleeding heart in the 1800s is the same as a bleeding heart in 2010..a bleeding heart and an angry woman..not something you want to mess with without some rattlesnake repellent!!

  2. jan said

    got notice from madeline pickens website of a new book on wild horse annie – called wild horse annie and last of the mustangs – written by david cruise and anne griffiths – its out now – if you go to the website there is a great video on wild horse annie – boy we sure could use her today – she was a fighter – and there is a movie in the works

    note from cloud – tomorrow is the mustang march in washington and was said that jane velez mitchel will carry some of the video on the march – at 7::30 pm but here in the west it would be 4:30 – and she is on cnn affiliate station hln so ck your listings – i found her show from 4 to 5 on charter listings for my area – will tape if its on there otherwise it might be online on cnn or hln websites

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