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Personal Message from T. to all of the TMP Contributors…

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on March 20, 2010

For Matt, Sandra, Louie, Suzanne, R. Thompson, Reveil39, Cowgirlfirepony, Lisa, KT, Mar, Makendra, Ginger, Tom and all of you who have been a part of The Mustang Project’s Blog,

or TMP’s Blog for short LOL…

I tell ya… In my opinion – for what it’s worth LOL – I have to say that you all here on TMP’s Blog are just about the smartest bunch of folks I have had the pleasure of “bouncing” with. 

Bouncing is a term used here around my nek-o’-da-woods that we use when we have a brain-storming session or bounce ideas off of each other to find better solutions. It’s even funnier when we get that solution because we tend to bounce like Tigger! 

Seriously, you guys are more than I could have hoped for when I started this whole crazy thing. You think outside of the box; you don’t let your convictions waiver; and you dang well know how to look past the first two lines in a document to find the most important info. And what’s more, you are all bigger and better than to let the concept of playing on your emotions rather than your own intelligence make your decisions for you. 

I am so very proud to be friends and advocates alongside each of you. Lord knows, I couldn’t have done any of this by myself, and I certainly wouldn’t have come into so much knowledge and information as I have since bouncing with you guys. So from the bottom of my litl’ ole pea pickin’ heart and for the horses and burros, much obliged to each of you! 

Matt, the work you do is invaluable. The accuracy and truthfulness with which you conduct your research is priceless, to say the least. Without your efforts, there are so many pieces of information, knowledge, and education that we would not have had so easily. Your ability to convey the bottom line of a subject is simply uncanny sometimes. Thank you graciously for all of your hard work, long nights, and patience! I think above all else, I have to thank you for showing me the “rest of the story” when I first became involved. I have always trusted your guidance, and it has never let me down. Friends like you are hard to find. I’m glad that I have been so fortunate. 

Sandra, girl, I tell ya, the two of us are truly like two peas in a pod! I know they say opposites attract, but in this case, I think two great minds that are alike have come together LOL! You have been a constant companion to me, and better, you have kept me focused when I strayed from my tasks at hand. For this, I simply have no words to thank you. Yes, for once I am speechless! Quick, call the press! You have stayed up on the phone with me to keep me awake while driving and you have laughed at all my stupid jokes! You have forfeited your time of much needed sleep just to let me bounce ideas and thoughts, and of course, to let me vent! As a Paramedic, I can give all sorts of medications and interventions to help someone feel better, but laughter is always the best medicine. You have a PhD in this specialty! I’m glad to be your patient! 

Louie, I love that you are constantly coming up with new ideas and new questions. More so, I love that you are not afraid to ask those questions. I think that all of us could learn a few things from you, and not just in the knowledge base of this issue, but in the sense of your simple way of questioning without fear of shyness. Some already have, and for that, I for one am very grateful. As well, you are a peace-keeper in a sense. But instead of placating the parties involved, you use redirection, insight, and facts. This is a great characteristic to have, to be strong enough to use, and you are very good at it. Thank you for keeping us all “playing nicely” LOL! 

Suzanne, you are a resource almost as deep as the oceans with your knowledge of the slaughter houses because not only do you know the end result, you know the in’s and out’s of the process along the way. That knowledge allows you to have a great insight to the Equine’s physiology and psychology. If we use this approach – the approach of science and facts – there’s no way we can lose. Thank you for being a part of this. And thank you even more for bringing this education to the table. 

Reveil39, your desire to learn and understand is one that I admire and enjoy. You are a lot like Louie really, because you would rather know the answer than to simply assume. As I have told you before, you are exactly the type of student I look for in my lessons and training programs. You set an example for all of us: don’t be afraid to learn new things, even if they are not what you really want to hear or along the same lines as what you previously thought. This shows how strong and wise you are; thanks for showing all of us and for allowing us to learn from you. 

Cowgirlfirepony, I know that you are new to the page, and I don’t really know you that well yet, but I do know that I like your style of thinking for options that don’t fit the “norm” so to speak. You offered something that some of us have thought about previously, but unfortunately, we have let fall to the side because of the constant and ever-changing environmental variables that hit every day; sometimes every hour. Keep ‘em coming! 

R Thompson, it goes without saying that you have become one of my nearest and dearest friends. You have been a constant voice on the page and off that reminds me – and others here – that we cannot allow emotion and passion to rule our decisions and courses of action. You play devil’s advocate when you need to, and you encourage when you need to. It is a far cry from the true magnitude of gratefulness, but thank you – for everything that you have done for the horses, and for TMP. 

Lisa, I like your style! I especially like the boiling it down to “little words”.  And it looks like you have a pretty good view of the issues at hand. We are all better off for having your input around. Thanks for keeping us down to the basics. 

KT, you are great at the investigations deeper into the documents! I love that you found the “tucked away in the back” info about Ruby. That is exactly what we all need to form a better solution. Find the little things, the ones that no one thinks we’ll look at, and then use them! We’ve all come to realize that there are a whole bunch of those “fine print” types of statements and comments in this set of circumstances; too many. Utilize their weaknesses to make them our strengths. “They” are weak to think that we will not find this info, for we have caught on to their attempted ruse and our strategies are all the better for them. Thanks for the reminder! 

Mar, wow! I can’t even begin to tell you all of reasons for which I am grateful to you. I don’t want to make this any longer than I already have, so I’ll try to “summarize” as best I can. I don’t know how old you are, nor does it matter, but you have become a sort of “mom” to a lot of us. You look out for us, you do your best to keep us straight, and even when we go against your grain you still love us all. You have a certain air about you that almost gushes patience, kindness, gentleness, and mutual respect. For this, I think it’s safe to say that we are all grateful. 

Makendra, eight months ago, we spoke on the phone for the first time. From that conversation, I knew immediately that you were dedicated to this cause. You have no fear of getting your hands dirty, which I find to be very refreshing. You have been presented with a great opportunity to learn about Equus from some of its finest teachers – Arrow and Rain. Rather than pass up this chance to learn new and exciting knowledge, you charged full speed ahead into a world that you now can say you are a part of on an intimate level. For this, I applaud you. Mack, you have made a great friend to these two mares, and I am positive that they are appreciative, as am I. 

Ginger, thank you for bringing the stories of the Pryor horses to the living rooms and computers of the world. Your work has proven to be a much needed eye-opener to the people who have not yet been as privileged as we are to know, love, and be blessed by Equines. You have brought awareness to the public at large of the wonders involved and surrounding them everywhere, even if they don’t realize it. Your part in this is a big role to fill, but you have taken on the job and put your best foot forward. For that, the “Kid” is very grateful. 

Last, but certainly not least, Tom Mosher, I have said a lot of things in this post to a lot of friends. None of these things even comes close to the amount of gratitude and admiration I have for you. Even if you are a “Damn Yankee Hippie Biker”, you’re still aight!  I have thanked you before, and I will thank you again, but for the purposes of this venue, I’ll simply say this: Thank you for forwarding an email to me! (Sorry to all of the readers, inside joke LOL) 

To all of you: Thank you all so much for being here, for loving the horses and burros, and for taking a stand to show that even if they don’t have a voice, WE DO! Furthermore, we are not in the least bit afraid to USE that voice on behalf of the ones who cannot speak “human”. We listen to the Language of Equus, and we act as interpreters. Let us not be dismayed by the ones who do not agree with us, and let us push forward with the vigor and strength of the proud and majestic ones we are so privileged to call our partners and friends. 

You are all such a wonderful “herd” to be a part of, and I am so blessed to be a member. If I did not thank you personally, please take these words of thanks as an inclusion to you as well. You are all part of the herd, and a herd less one is a herd weakened. Without all of you, we could not be where we are today, and we would not make it to where we will be tomorrow. 


Tracie Lynn Thompson
AKA – T.
March 20, 2010
1420hrs, CST

I Do This So That My People Shall Live - by Tom Mosher



15 Responses to “Personal Message from T. to all of the TMP Contributors…”



  2. jan said

    thanks to you and people like ginger who set up websites where we, horse lovers even tho we may not own one, still love to see those beautiful creatures run across the horizons – both in the wild and in our lives – i have all 3 of the cloud videos and again while watching them again recently, how sad that many of those babies are no longer free – how much longer will our govt allow horses to roam free – i fear that it is not going to be much longer – as pelosi is determined to shove health care down our throats, i believe that salazar and others at the blm, and the president, are determined to destroy our natural heritage, the horses and others – to them, our public lands are seen as sources of income and not as sources of homes for our wildlife, including our horses. you might get in touch with willie nelson – i wrote and asked him to do a film on the wild horses – just google his website

  3. Aw, Tracie, what can I say? I’m just glad I can be of some help with my “crash course” in wild horse issues and BLMness.

    I DO know more about slaughter, and I hope some of my knowledge will come in handy. Believe me, I know far more than I ever WANTED to know…



    • OMG! LOL! Yea! That would be awesome!!! Sorry… I love Willie Nelson LOL!

    • sandra longley said

      Good idea Louie! maybe Lacy J Dalton could play Annie..I swear she has the soul of a wild horse..inspire people to see that they can make a difference..I always fall back on the words in her song..let em run..”there are still things worth fighting for”.

  5. reveil39 said

    Tracie, thank you. This touches my heart.
    And don’t you dare go anywhere.
    And to everyone else, thank you for the precious comments as well.

    • You are most welcome, all of you. And lest the Great Spirit call me to his side before I am finished, I ain’t going no where til this is done. Then of course, I’ll be headed to the Waffle House for some smothered covered golden delight! <- It's a Southern thing… LOL

  6. R.Thompson said

    Aw, shucks, now you made me go buy a new hat because my head swoll up so much. Thank you for all that you do, do well, and do it with grace.

  7. sandra longley said

    Well, miss Johny Appleseed of information..I need to turn the tables on you..and thank you from the bottom of my Heart, for all that you have done to bring to light the enourmous amount of information necessary to- first understand what we are up against, how the system works,and where the bodies are buried..These are the keys to the palace! We all have a passion to do what is right and best for the horses,- in that we are all kindred spirits.Asking questions that send us off into the endless twisting maize of research projects, has been enourmously rewarding and …revealing..and your indomitable spirit and endless well as your ability to change a tire while holding a gun..LOL.. awe inspiring! Texas is lucky to have you



  9. Hey, I am sorry I have been out of the loop but I am here and grateful as all to Tracie for being such an information font… We all need info and give info and seek info. It is our life’s blood these days. Now we can extend ourselves to more discussion and create new paths for the use of all this ever loving info on Wild Horses! Hold on folks, this ride is gonna get wilder! mar

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