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“True Grit” Article of Interest Re: Cattle & Their Toll on the Lands…

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on March 7, 2010

I got this link from a friend today… I wasn’t sure what all it entailed at first, but as I read further, I realized that Mr. Marvel (or AB’72) and I would probably get along just fine were we to ever meet. LOL I especially like the “pink pacifier”! T.

True grit

In a heated showdown with Western cattlemen, Idaho environmentalist Jon Marvel, AB’72, tries to outlaw livestock grazing on public lands.

By Lydialyle Gibson
Photography by Dan Dry

It’s Jon Marvel, AB’72, vs. cattlemen in a fight over public lands. View the slide show.

He can’t help looking. Even though Jon Marvel knows there’s probably no bluebunch wheatgrass here, that its numbers in this field have been declining for years, so that a person could walk a mile through the sagebrush—and Marvel has—without seeing a single delicate blond seedhead, he can’t help searching the ground for one. In central Idaho’s dry sage-steppe grasslands, bluebunch wheatgrass is a key native species, year-round forage for elk, deer, and antelope. It’s part of what keeps the ecosystem whole.

“Let’s just take a walk and see,” Marvel says, setting off through the sloping expanse, with sagebrush slapping at his knees and the Lost River Mountains climbing the sky in front of him. He traces a wide circle halfway around Swensen Butte, a high-shouldered mound of dirt and rock on the edge of the Sawtooth National Forest. After half an hour, he’s turned up a few… more


3 Responses to ““True Grit” Article of Interest Re: Cattle & Their Toll on the Lands…”

  1. That pacifier bit was priceless! I wish I could be there someday when he pulls it out and sets it on the table.

  2. jan said

    jon is part of the western watershed group and he has filed lawsuits AGAINST THE BLM AND WON – we need him on our team to save the horses

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