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Twin Peaks Proposed Gather Info & Eagle Lake RMP Documents

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on February 25, 2010

 BLM Seeks Public Input on Proposed Horse Gather Release Date: 02/04/10 * Contacts: Jeff Fontana, (530) 252-5332 * News Release No. CA-NC-10-33

Who  BLM Eagle Lake FO
What  Seeking public input on a proposed gather/removal of wild horses & burros
Where  Twin Peaks HMA, northeast of Susanville, Calif.    (Twin Peaks HMA, CA-242)
How Many  1,800 wild horses and 180 burros
When  August and September 2010
Comment Period  February 5 and ends March 5, 2010
For What  Identify issues to be addressed in an EA
EA Release Date  about May 1, 2010
Current AML  448-758 horses and 72-116 burros
Current Est. Pop  2,300 horses and 250 burros
Birth Control Plans  Most mares not removed – PZP; Herd adjustment – Male:Female ratio with more studs than mares.

Comments can be sent to Eagle Lake Field Office, Attn: Twin Peaks Wild Horse Gather, 2950 Riverside Dr., Susanville, CA 96130. Comments may also be sent via email to Public Meeting was held on Wednesday, Sept. 2, at 7 p.m., at the BLM Eagle Lake Field Office, 2950 Riverside Dr., Susanville. News Release No. CA-N-09-78

Links of Interest:

Bureau of Land Management
Eagle Lake Field Office
2950 Riverside Drive
Susanville, CA 96130
Phone: (530) 257-0456
Fax: (530) 257-4831
Office Hours: 7:45 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., M-F
Contact us by Email


6 Responses to “Twin Peaks Proposed Gather Info & Eagle Lake RMP Documents”

  1. sandra longley said

    Hi T, good to talk to you..I have a question for you..Is the BLM processing those mares who are obviously in foal? If they are-won’t that add to the enourmous stress they are already under? And add to the number of abortions-which seem to be a daily occurance? When you talk to them, could you find out? thanks

    • Hey Sandra, As far asI know, they are not processing thepregnant mares unless it is absolutely necessary.They do not want to add to thealready presentstress obviously, but as you andI – and of course others who have dealt with finicky mares – already know, sometimes it is necessary to give them a check up to prevent further complications. Iwill double check with Mr. Neill the next time we speak though. T.


      • sandra longley said

        Thanks! If I sleep will be more peaceful!

        • LOL, yea, IF is the key word there!

        • Sandra,
          I just spoke with Mr. Neill and asked him your question. Yes, they are processing the pregnant mares, but with good reason: severe intestinal parasite infections in all of the horses at Fallon. He says its bad, and they are trying to get the mares wormed before they give birth to prevent the passing of the infections to the foals. You and I both know how fatal these infections can be if they are severe. Were they mild or even slightly moderate, I wouldn’t agree that they needed processing, but with the severity of situation I have to agree with him on this one. I will elaborate more soon, trying to pull all of my references and resources together and verify before I post.
          Preview: Ascarids, Strongyles and Whipworms (AKA Pinworms). The Ascarids alone are scary because of their affects on the foal’s respiratory systems and their increase in the foal’s propensity to develop pneumonia. These foals are already at a disadvantage. Ascarids / Pneumonia is “just too close for comfort” in my book.

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