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Awesome Videos!!!

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on February 20, 2010

I do not know William (Bill) Campanelli personally. I have never even heard of him before today. But when I came across his website in some of my browsing, I was thrilled to find the videos on his “About” page. For those of you who do not have prior knowledge or working experience with Equus and Natural Horsemanship training, I strongly encourage you to watch these videos. Even for those who do have past knowledge and experience, they are still great videos. These are the methods that I use in my own training programs and I cannot stress enough how extremely important these techniques are to the better management of wild horses! It’s all about pressure zones! From the first meeting to the finished and trained horse – you will never have interactions with any horse without the use of pressure zones! You may not know it, but sure he does! Unfortunately, all of my own videos were lost when my previous laptop crashed. (I know, should’ve made a back-up. My bad, big time!) But these are along the same lines.            T.


One Response to “Awesome Videos!!!”

  1. reveil39 said

    Very cool video.

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