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Hehehehehe… I’m Baaaaaccckk!!!

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on February 17, 2010

I’m back guys! And do I have a surprise for you… You Be the Judge Double Feature night!!!
1st: Part 2 of the 9th Edition – The Continuing Ruby Conflict!
2nd: YBTJ 10th Edition, Q&A with John NeillManager of Fallon!
So hold on tight ladies and gents, and get ready for some – shall we say – “revelations“?
These are some of the documents that are just supportive, but are analogous to the 9th Edition – Part 2 and as a whole. (You really do want to take at least a quick peek at these!)

According to the website this evening:The Winnemucca RMP, Resource Management Plan is currently under review and development. The Winnemucca District Office Resource Management Plan (RMP) is a planning effort in collaboration with the Resource Advisory Council (RAC) to plan for current on-the-ground issues. The plan will be the master strategy for the next 15-20 years.” But LAST week, I grabbed a hold of these. And of course now can’t remember where I downloaded them from or what the specific dates are, but I do know that they are in the range of 1980 to 2005. These are relevant because a lot of these land planning documents take – literally – up to 20 years to get to the finish line, but more importantly –  as things usually go with public land planning – you can start at the beginning (1980) and follow the trail all the way to the end (present day).  

 ~Sonoma/Gerlach = Winnemucca District, Nevada – and – MFP = Management Framework Plan~ 


From the Ruby FEIS, 1.5.2, BLM Lands

  Do you all notice anything  – either way – about the Plan dates in this table?  

 More in You Be the Judge, 9th Edition, Part 2… See you all soon… T.  


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