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FERC requests Ruby Pipeline…

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on February 12, 2010

On 2/12/2010, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Washington D.C., issued this document:

Docket(s): CP09-54-000

Filing Type: Request for Additional Information

Description: Letter requesting El Paso Natural Gas Co to file a complete response within 7 days re an Information Request for the Ruby Pipeline Project under CP09-54.

To view the document for this Issuance, click:

Why is this document important? Why should you worry about the Sheldon Alternate Route? There is more to this story than we previously thought. Stay tuned… You Be the Judge, 9th Edition will be out tonight.



8 Responses to “FERC requests Ruby Pipeline…”

  1. kt said

    The Sheldon Route runs right by a paved road. It is the logical place to build a pipeline, for goodness sake. Has FERC finally come to its senses???

    The “Proposed Route” that Ruby seeks runs through the heart of some of the wildest country left in the American West. There will be endless conflict if Ruby dynamites its way through the HMAs in the remote Calico country. Major fragmentation for sage-grouse habitats, too.

  2. sandra longley said

    I swear, the hair is standing up on the back of my kneck! You absolutely know how to drill down on your subject matter..Did you ever work in research in a legal dept? Erin Brockovitch-move over…theres a new gal in town…you go get em..gotta finish reading…be back later-and thanks a million

    • LOL no, not in a legal department… Most of my skills in research come from a lifetime of being extremely OCD and having ADHD. I had to search further into subjects in school and college in order to satisfy my curiosity, hence I picked up a few tricks along the way.
      Later as an adult and in the workforce, being a Paramedic makes digging deeper not just second nature but First Nature. You can *fix* the symptoms all day long, but you’ll never *stop* the symptoms until you *fix* the root of the problem.
      The documents about the construction, industrial and technical info are an *acquired* skill and taste. A perfect conundrum, they are endlessly boring, but also fascinating at times.
      Thanks a ton for the compliments… They are a nice ending to a very long day LOL (I loved that movie and the story behind it!)

  3. I believe the locals wanted Ruby to run along the road, but Ruby countered by saying that the route they picked actually was shorter and caused less upheaval in the environment than going along the road. THEY said that, not me…

    • There has been a great deal of controversy about the proposed route concercing the Native American Tribal Lands that it will disrupt. The preferred route of several of the Piaute Tribal Leaders is the Sheldon Route – along HWY 140 – but the FWS claims that Ruby did not actually perform the in depth studies that they make it seem like they have. They claim this route – albeit an extension of an existing ROW – would actually be worse on the habitats of the greater sage-grouse and other like species than the proposed route.
      In debates like this one in particular, I have a conflict of interest if you will… I am Cherokee, I am an advocate for wild horses, and I am an animal protection advocate. Which one takes the priority? Well, I’ll let you know when I figure that one out LOL.

  4. TS said

    There were never any wild horses here where I live… the settlers turned horses out on the desert when they weren’t using them…the goverment sent stallions to breed them up to a size and type the gov. wanted..they put stallions out there that they wanted to breed up the herd…one herd called the witmore herd was paints, another man turned his Arabian stallion out, and anyone who was going to have a round up or needed horses went out and rounded them up and broke them. They became wild when the gov. decided to tax them… they became wild horses. Now that’s the truth.

    • LOL, yea, we are all aware of these facts. In fact, there are only a handfull of herds left in the Western States that are not herds from these types of situations. The argument of whether or not there were wild horses on the North American continent has been proven time and again by the fossils that have been found by archeologists and paleontologists. North America is also the only continent in the world that has fossil remains from every evolutionary stage of Equus. There are other continents who have several of them, and some who only have a few, but North America has them all from eohippus to the modern Equus caballus.
      Welcome to TMP’s Blog page and thanks for stopping by! Don’t be a stranger!

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