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Links, Links & More Links About Public Land Use…

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on February 9, 2010

Ok guys & gals… Buckle up ‘cause this post is jam-packed full of links! Most are ones I dug up today; there are only a few “repeats” from other posts but I wanted to try to get everything in one place. You gotcha Grazing info from every which direction, you gotcha Land Use Plans from every which direction, got some Land Management Budget info, lil’ bit o’ Legislation, & even threw in some Contact info! And of course, don’t forget… added the extra seasonings… Renewable Energy info! Now just so ya know, all of this information is from the BLM’s website. All I really did was make it prettier and a little bit more easily accessible J! And of course, I will be taking all of these and putting them over on the “Documents & Evidence” page.
(For any of the newcomers: the links are *almost* all embedded.
If it’s a title then it’s usually a link, & sometimes there’s a few letters in blue, just for kicks!) Enjoy! T.

 How to Get a Grazing Permit

 Grazing Permits & Leases in Force: 2008  2007  2006  2005  2004  2003  2002  2001  2000  1999  1998  1997  1996  

More Lands Info:

Wild Horse & Burro Program Statistics & Maps:

Best Management Practices:

National Landscape Conservation System (NLCS):

Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act:

Related Public Laws & Legislation:

BLM Page on Renewable Energy Projects:

Nevada Energy:

“More” BLM Programs:

Contact Info & Other Related Links:


U.S. Department of the Interior                §      

U.S. Department of Agriculture                §      


Bureau of Land Management                §      

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service               §      

USDA Forest Service                §      

National Park Service                §      

National Park Service (Lake Mead)                §      


State of Nevada                §      


City of Las Vegas                §      

City of North Las Vegas                §      

City of Henderson                §      

Boulder City                §      


Nevada Counties                §    

Clark County, NV                §      

Lincoln County, NV                §       


Outside Las Vegas Foundation:                §      

18 Responses to “Links, Links & More Links About Public Land Use…”



  2. R.Thompson said

    I really appreciate auhor’s efforts on this informative blog. I wish a similar open minded venue was available for my first wildlife preservation priority, that of the few wild wolves in the USA. I note in the responses to questions that various authorites express far greater understanding of the wild horses and their welfare, whether we agree with all of them or not, there isn’t the polarity that the wolf issue invovles. It is trhough solid information efforts like this blog that horses may not fall victim to the *official* brutality now falling upon wolves. Gut shot from the air, over trackless wilderness, corprate sponsored *derbies* to determine who can kill the most in the shortest time, and so forth. I am no wuss, not by a long shot, both Vietnam veteran and hunter, but I am literally crushed by the events unfolding out of sheer ignorance where wolves are concerned.

    I believe in Tracie’s efforts here as I believe fair discussion and information can avoid the fate for wild horses that wolves endure today…that of clasification as verimin. Don’t think for a moment that that cannot happen if certain vested intersts ramp up the attack on horses. I’m a life long horseman and have learned more about Mustangs in the short time I’ve known Tracie than ever before.

    Virtually everyone I have ever spoken to about wolves, who has this massive negative attitude, has little or no experience with wolves up close and personal. They *talk* it but have never *walked* it…relying on hearsay and myth for the most part. There is a reason for that, wolves avoid man if at all possible, to get close, very occasionally, requires a sort of “natural canine language* similar to Equus for horses…that is why to kill them wholesale, aircraft are resoted to for the gunners….many of them government employees on duty. I am gratified to not see and hear that here.

    Sorry for the off topic comment, but I felt it worhtwhile to know just how bad it could get. If it becomes overly politicized, it won’t be good for the horses either.

    • reveil39 said

      Isn’t it overly politicized already? I think that’s the reason the situation is not in favor of wild horses today.

      • said

        Unfortunately, yes, it is. But whether we like it or not, that is the situation. And it *could* be worse, and it can *get* worse. That’s the point. We have to *stop* that from happening.

        • reveil39 said

          And how do we stop that from happening?

          • said

            By continuing our efforts to have better management options, by continuing to educate ourselves as much as possible about the situation as a *whole*, by working *with* and not *against* the politicians and officials who are willing to listen, and by continuing to put our best foot forward when dealing with others who oppose or do not understand these goals.

          • reveil39 said

            What foreseeable management solution do you think would be the best choice?

          • said

            LOL gonna have to give me a lil while on that one… I have the proposal started and typed up, but its been a 7 month long process to get it there, and I’m still *tweaking* it. I’ve made suggestions from it throughout that time to the “powers that be”, and they’ve been received well for the most part. I hope to have it finished before summer.

          • R.Thompson said


            Your question is one of the reasons for my analogus comment above. I know I don’t have a good answer yet, but I do note, via Tracie’s efforts that the *authorities* appear far more amenable to discussion than they are on other wildlife conservation issues, where the ranks are split between the sides along kill’em all, don’t kill’em all sides. Companies are not *yet* proposing *derbies* be held to see who can kill the most hrses, and so forth….on ranges with more than dequate food supply for both humans/domstic stock and wild animals and minimal conflict of use interests beyond pure visceral animosity.

            I believe that playing to the hearts and minds of those authorities who stil have open minds is a way to prevent the worst.

  3. reveil39 said

    7 months! It will be a year by the time you are done in August! wow.
    Any chance to get a sneak peek? (doesn’t have to be the whole thing)

    • said

      LOL yea, its been a really long, stressful, and tedious process, but its worth it. I don’t know about the sneak peeks just because of the format. I’m pretty sure I can pull a few bits out sometime & get them posted though.

  4. sandra longley said
    Strategic research plan: Wild horse and burro management
    View the Complete Publication (508 Compliant PDF)

    Product Type: Report

    Year: 2005

    Author(s): U.S. Bureau of Land Management, Wild Horse and Burro Program U.S. Department of the Interior

    Pages: 45

    Suggested Citation: U.S. Bureau of Land Management, Wild Horse and Burro Program U.S. Department of the Interior. 2005. Strategic research plan: Wild horse and burro management. : U.S. Bureau of Land Management . 45 p.

    This publication is available from the USGS Fort Collins Science Center .

    This plan was written in 2003 and revised in 2005.. I found it very interesting I did not realise how critical the U.S. Geological Survey was to the formulation of decisions on the WH&B..They pretty much decide the course of the thing that really stood out was the fact that the BLM told them it was not critical to do a Habitat assesment or monitoring and evaluation program for grazing management on the horses…this is the science that the BLM relies on to decide whether the land will support the horses..also 2009/10 the final recommendation is due on the spay/vac (4 yr. PZP) trials( outcome looks like it alone will control the population growth per their scientific assesment.)

    • said

      You caught that too huh… I’ve haven’t acted on it yet because I’m still researching this whole “RMP” and “MFP” process along with how to get a grazing permit, AUMs, etc. I’m hoping to tie it all together, but I keep getting side tracked with all of the other components! Interesting point to ponder: Look at all of the EAs you can find, last page usually, “References”. You’re looking for DATES of the references. Can’t wait to hear your response LOL. T.

      • sandra longley said

        Horse Haven has 1041 AUMs
        (5-1 to 9-30) 207 Cattle

        Ruby Valley has 50 AUMs
        (11-1 to 4-3) 10 Cattle

        Asking $80/ AUM

        Enough water resources for approx 100 head of cattle

        Horses/elk/deer also frequent this area.

        Located in the Maverick Mountain Range in Ruby Valley.

        These are AUM listings only. There is no land or other real estate for sale.

        Riley Manzonie
        (775) 397-5000 (775) 397-5000
        Am I reading this right- they pay 1.35 a head to the gov-then sell it for 80.00 a head to another party????? On top of that when they go to sell a ranch-that allotment increases the value of the ranch, I will have to check with a real estate agent to see how they determine the monetary value of that=I know it is considerable…It really jerks my chain, that my taxes pay to maintain the land and the ranchers can make so much money- in so many ways- off of those allotments

        • Grazing permittees purchase animal unit months (AUMs) of livestock forage. An AUM is the amount of forage needed to sustain one cow and calf, five sheep, two burros, or one horse for one month. About 800,000 AUMs of livestock forage are authorized annually.” From BLM Grazing information on the…
          So according to the above definition, and the ad you referenced, I would say yup, you’re reading it correctly.
          The only thing that I can think of that would make such a huge difference in the pricing per AUM is that the rancher is required by the BLM to perform all maintenance on said AUM, from the wells/springs to the fencing/gates etc. But I can’t see that it would cause that much of a difference because most of these ranches that have AUMs have been in place since the early 1900s, literally. Some date even as far back as the late 1800s – “family land” passed down from generation to generation. Because of this, the wells/springs are already there, and the fencing/gates etc just need patching and updating.
          Additionally, when apply for a grazing permit, you are placed “in line” if you want a particular AUM by the “Preference System”. This system basically states that if the AUM was permitted by Rancher #1 first, then he gets first dibs on it before Rancher #2. However, if Rancher #2 buys Rancher #1’s base property (his private property, not public lands) then the preference for any AUMs that he has gets transferred to Rancher #2. This is where it gets tricky.
          Rancher #2 would like to have an AUM that was previously permitted to Rancher #1, but does not have preference for said AUM because Rancher #1 has “owned” the permit for generations. So Rancher #2 can approach Rancher #1 and ask to purchase the AUM. Yes, he can purchase the AUM permit from the first rancher. Rancher #1 sets the price, Rancher #2 pays the price, and they both go to their jurisdiction’s BLM Field Office to transfer the permit and get Rancher #2 approved to have the permit. If Rancher #2 has the qualifications required for a permittee, then business is settled and all is well. BLM does not get involved in the process until the application to transfer the AUM is ready to be processed. All purchasing and other transactions between Ranchers #1 and #2 are done without the BLM.

      • sandra longley said

        Have you stumbled upon the Western Watersheds Project yet? These folks are beating the crap out of the BLM in court..Someone in the legal department needs to confer with their legal team…talk about gunslingers…I wonder if there is any way to get their support on the WH&B?..they definately have the BLMs #.LOL check it out:

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