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Quick Updates & Links, Message from T… Feb 02, 2010

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on February 2, 2010


The 6y/o mustang in Bentleyville, PA who needed a home is going to be staying with a mustang trainer who works with Return to Freedom. Jill says he really is as wild as the owner claimed, that he has pretty much just been standing in the field all of this time and had no training, at all. The mustang trainer will begin to work with him and gentle him, preparing him for a new home where he can become part of the family, not the backyard.

If you have not done so already, I would like to encourage you to dive into the environmental documents at our disposal. They can seem intimidating with their language and their volume, but once you get into them they begin to “flow” very easily. Most of the time, the best place to start is in the Index or Table of Contents, but if you do not find what you looking for there, use the “Find” option in the menu of Adobe Reader. You can type in a keyword and it will take you to each place that word is found. These documents are a valuable resource for any advocate’s voice! I have found some of the most interesting tidbits tucked away – and some in plain sight – in the Environmental Impact Statements, the Resource Management Plans, and the Allotment Reports.

Quick Links: Trust me, they’re worth the look 😉

From T.

I would like to apologize for not keeping in touch as well as I usually would have over this past week. I have been up to my eyeballs with research and investigations. I would like to say that I have found what I was looking for, but alas, I have more paperwork sitting here beside the laptop waiting for my attention. I will tackle this stack tonight before bed as I have most every other night recently. Sleep does not come easily when there are unanswered questions, both of my own and of yours.

This past week has been… well… it seems that no matter what adjective I use, it will still be an understatement, so I will just say… Bad.

My heart is heavy, and my mind is weary. There have been so many deaths. And I fear the worst is yet to come. I am hardly ever this pessimistic. I try very hard to remain hopeful, upbeat, and in the positive mindset of Never Give Up. It has proven to be somewhat difficult.

With this daunting feeling, I close my eyes and find a renewed strength at times; one that is not just a mindset, but instead a resounding set of drum beats… 4 notes… with perfect rhythm… and perfect grace. There is an underlying flow of pure peace, memory, joy, and pride. “You are the running,” I hear a familiar voice say. “You are the free.” As my eyes open, I know more certainly… I will keep the faith, and I will not give up.

There is a better way. We will find it. We will not fail our old friends who carried our burdens for us when we could not. They carried our families and our lives across the Great Plains. They fought in battle as our trusted and steady shield. They held us up when we were weak, and carried us home when we had lost our way. They offer us peace of the soul, and we will return the favor.



5 Responses to “Quick Updates & Links, Message from T… Feb 02, 2010”

  1. reveil39 said

    That’s great news about the mustang. He will probably do a lot better with a herd.
    Thank you for helping and also for posting this.
    And I am really saddened at the same time by reading about the casualties of the round ups.
    I am praying every day for the horses as well as everyone involved.

  2. Hey Reveil,

    Thanks for your continued support. This has been so chaotic for all of us, and for myself – well, it’s been difficult at best LOL.
    Don’t forget to check out the “Quotes & Proverbs” page… A friend of mine has been gracious enough to post some inspirational verses almost daily, but at least every few days. They have really helped out through all of this.



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