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New Calico Gather Updates from BLM/WH&B site, Feb 01, 2010…

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on February 1, 2010


Gather Activity Updates Updates will be posted as we receive information.

Monday, Feb. 1 Contractor is relocating the temporary gather corrals and may fly this afternoon weather permitting. Two mares dead at the facility, one found dead, the other euthanized. Facility deaths: 2, cumulative total: 27

Sunday, Jan. 31 Good weather and flying conditions allowed the contractor to gather 135 excess wild horses (54 studs, 52 mares, 29 colts). Nineteen animals were transported to the Fallon facility (9 studs, 7 mares, 3 colts). To date, 1669 excess wild horses have been gathered, 1,527 shipped to Fallon.

Saturday, Jan. 30 The BLM hosted seven observers to view the Calico Mountains gather activities. The first stop was the temporary holding corrals. Only 3 studs were in the corrals as the contractor had shipped animals on Friday morning. The BLM then escorted the observers to the temporary gather site. Snow, rain, brisk winds and dense fog delayed gather operations for most of the morning. However, the skies cleared by early late morning and the contractor was able to fly. Between noon and 2:30 p.m. the contractor gathered 16 excess wild horses without incident, which were then transported to the nearby temporary holding corrals where the animals were sorted by age and sex. The group escorted back to Gerlach shortly after the last group of horses were gathered. Three horses died at the facility: a 4-year-old sorrel mare was kicked in the head shortly after arriving at the holding facility. The globe was ruptured with complete prolapse of the iris. This eye could not be saved and would remain a serious physical defect. She was euthanized as an act of mercy; 1 six-year-old mare from Black Rock East diagnosed with a spinal/head injury(unknown to cause); 1 colt (eight months) from Warm Springs with sole abscess/sloughed hooves(veterinary treatment for at least two weeks.) Fallon facility deaths: 3, cumulative total: 26


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