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Updated Jan 27… Re-Post: Mustang Cannot be Tamed, Has 1 week to find a home ~ Bentleyville, PA

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on January 25, 2010

Mustang Cannot be Tamed, Has 1 week to find a home ~ Bentleyville, PA

January 23, 2010 by returntofreedomThis 6 yr old, titled BLM mustang is just not interested in being tamed. And that has earned him a quick trip to the auction, where he will surely end up in the feedlot and on his way to Canada or Mexico to be slaughtered for his meat. Time is critical for this horse as he only has a week remaining before he will be hauled to auction. Please consider helping this horse. You’ll be saving a life. He is a semi-wild mustang and needs an experienced and savvy handler.  Please contact us right away if you can help.

Return to Freedom

Updated on Jan 27, 2010 with email message from Return to Freedpom:

“Our mustang trainer out there contacted the owner and has made arrangements for him to see the horse on Sunday. He will evaluate and tell us what kind of home is appropriate for him, whether he is able to be handled, trainable,dangerous, etc. Once we know that we can move forward with securing his home (already talking to potential options now) and begin raising funds to get him there.”

As further updates arrive, I will keep you guys posted.*T*


9 Responses to “Updated Jan 27… Re-Post: Mustang Cannot be Tamed, Has 1 week to find a home ~ Bentleyville, PA”

  1. reveil39 said

    Thank you for posting this.
    What a beautiful horse. I am calling rescue organizations in PA, but most of them don’t take care of mustangs.
    Just wondering how to place an ad and where.

  2. Just sent out an email to a *huge* list of people who may be able to help. Also, still trying to find Judge, but did leave a message with his secretary. Pepper at HSUS says she is going to forward as well. Left voicemails to Ginger, Makendra and R.T.
    Will do my best to keep everyone in the loop.

  3. reveil39 said

    Is there a way to find a mid way home and raise money for that?
    What I mean is that since time is of the essence, it might be a good idea to figure out even temporary places he could be moved to until the proper home is found for him.

  4. Whew! Ok! LOL The phones are ringing off their hooks and the emails are flying! I’m going to do my best to get this out as close to how it was relayed to me by Joe at Return to Freedom, but I’m rushing so please forgive any mess-ups… It seemed like we had a few misunderstandings initially, but I think we got them ironed out.
    Joe says that moving the horse to a temporary placement situation will only be used “in the 11th hour” simply because it is not a permanent solution for the horse. There have been people suggesting that they move the horse to a boarding facility and raise funds for his stay there until such time as he can be re-homed. I agreed with Joe when she stated the reasoning: boarding facilities are really not “best-suited” for mustangs.
    She also says that she has a Mustang Trainer going out this week to evaluate the horse to see just what they’re dealing with here, and most likely, the trainer will end up taking the horse back to his facility if the “11th hour” situation arises. But of course, as previously stated, this won’t be a permanent solution, and further efforts will continue to be made to find him a new forever home.
    I explained that we would help as best we could with spreading the word and with fundraising for his transportation and care, and she was very grateful – giving instructions to tell ya’ll *thank you so much!*
    Additionally, she stated that there were a few leads that she was currently tracking down in the Eastern US that looked good, as in a new forever home.
    I will keep you guys posted as new developments come in, but please don’t forget… There are approximately 50 others in the Return to Freedom rescue’s program. Please visit their blog page to see if there are any others in your area that need help too.

  5. Janet Ferguson said


    H U M A N E E U T H A N A S I A


    why the auction block. Whoever says this has a block of wood for a head. sorry

  6. I wasn’t able to get in touch with the gals out at Return to Freedom today. Lines were busy, hopefully that means they were getting more leads on finding this guy a new home.
    Will let you know as soon as I hear more.

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