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The Best of Intentions… Not always the Best of Outcomes…

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on January 18, 2010

Travis Tritt is one of my favorite country singers. He released a song some years back titled “The Best of Intentions”. It was a very sweet song about a man who started out with the woman he loves with nothing but the best of intentions. He felt like he had failed her because he hadn’t lived up to his own expectations. She of course didn’t feel the same way, feeling as though he had done his best.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all of our “best intentions” were received that way?

Unfortunately, they are not. Unfortunately, in the real world, our best intentions can actually do harm to ones around us that we didn’t intend to receive it.

Such is the case with many in the Wild Horse Advocacy community. I could sit and list instances where this has happened, but I would be listing for the next week, and really I don’t have that much time right now. So I will summarize this little though process.

You may feel like you are doing what is best for the wild horses and burros with every single action that you put forth. To you, it may be the only conceivable course of action. To others, it may be the very last action that should be taking place. And to the wild horses and burros, it may be all for naught.

So I say to you all, think before you speak and act; speak and act before you are not able; and be able while you still can.

But before any of this, know what you are doing, and know who will pay the consequences for your words and actions.

These are not easy consequences to take back.

Educate yourself to the fullest extent before you react to a situation. Respond, don’t just react.

If there is one single doubt in your mind about the path you are about to take, STOP! There is enough time to ask a question, find an answer, and make course adjustments accordingly. There is never enough time to go back and change what has already happened.



4 Responses to “The Best of Intentions… Not always the Best of Outcomes…”

  1. Tracie, Sorry your note did not get through my filter but I saw your email address and you can get through now. Mar



    • Louie, that’s a very long answer… I have been working for about the past two weeks on that particular subject, trying to get all of it put into “posting” format. I promise, it won’t be much longer – like maybe another day or so – because I have just about gotten my fill of several different things LOL.

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