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Calico Gather Updates…

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on January 18, 2010

Friday, Jan. 15, 2010 Today, Saturday and Monday are public observation days. The next update will be posted on Tuesday, Jan. 18. (BLM offices are closed in observance of the Martin Luther King holiday, however gather operations will continue.)

Thursday, Jan. 14, 2010 The BLM is escorting a Good Morning America TV crew and Madeline Pickens and her group to the gather today. The contractor gathered 51 horses (14 studs, 23 mares, 14 weanlings/foals) from the Black Rock West HMA. Eighty-three animals were transported to the Fallon facility. Observers going to the gather notified the BLM that a mare in one of the transport trucks was down. The dirt road the trucks are traveling is bumpy and the drivers are stopping when they reach the pavement to make sure all the animals are standing up. Two mares were found dead at the facility, cause of death is attributed to failure to adjust to a change in feed. Totals: 810 gathered, 677 transported to Fallon, 129 at gather corrals, 2 euthanized at gather site, 1 death pre-existing condition, 1 back to HMA Fallon facility: 4 deaths

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