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Press Release from Coalition for Nevada’s Wildlife, Inc., Jan 14, 2010

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on January 17, 2010

Coalition for Nevada’s Wildlife, Inc.  

Post Office Box 70143, Reno, Nevada 89570-0143   

Nevada Sportsmen And Conservationists Working For The Enhancement Of Wildlife And Habitat  

Statement Regarding The Calico Wild Horse Gather 

January 14, 2010   

The controversy over wild horse gathers centers around well-intentioned people being inundated with misinformation from a well organized national campaign. This misinformation insists the wild mustang is somehow rare and endangered, hovering on the brink of extinction, and that removed horses spend the rest of their lives in small corrals. This misinformation campaign keeps the cards and letters (along with donations) rolling in from around the world, allowing movies to be made and books to be sold, further spreading absolute falsehoods.  

In actuality, Nevada alone, as the driest state in the nation, hosts tens of thousands of wild mustangs. The need to gather excess horses is not only mandated by the 1971 Wild Horse Law, but is imperative to protect our fragile forage, scant water resources, and overall rangeland health that all species depend upon, including the mustang. As an example, our deer herds experience catastrophic losses of weaned fawns in harsh winters where range conditions are depleted by excess wild horses, while the mother deer abort or have weakened fawns. Our deer populations are on a steady decline while expanding wild horse populations greatly exceed appropriate managements levels that our rangelands can sustain. 

The mustang is a romantic symbol of the west, but, like any other valuable resource, requires management to control numbers. Our public land cannot be managed for any single priority species, but as a balanced and thriving ecosystem. 

It is for these reasons that we not only support, but also insist the Calico gathers be completed.    

Larry J. Johnson – President  

Coalition for Nevada’s Wildlife


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