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Updated Pages & Info, Jan. 15, 2010…

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on January 15, 2010

New documents pertaining to Ruby Pipeline, LLC uploaded today on the “Documents & Evidence” page.

New page embedded on the You Be the Judge page, “The Devil’s Advocate”.

Quick note from *T*:

How’do ya’ll… I certainly hope that this Friday finds ya’ll safe and well. As for me, I think I am about to pull my head bald fighting with these electronic gadgets that don’t seem to want to work properly! But alas, I shall survive and continue to post another day 😉

I am currently working on a couple of new posts for you guys…

You Be the Judge, 3rd Edition, Calico Foal Necropsy Report: When I wrote this edition, I was in a rush. Consequently, there are some tidbits left unsaid, some information that could have been explained better, and some that I missed. This is inexcusable for this series, at least to me. The point of the series is to give ya’ll the most accurate and complete information I can with what information I have available to me at the time. That being said, I do apologize, and I am working to correct this error. *This does not change the results of the necropsy report, the cause of death, nor does it reveal any new critical information.* It is simply that I found a few medical terminology errors and a few editing errors.

Ruby Pipeline, LLC + BLM Gathers = ??? Most all of us have seen the controversy surrounding the Ruby pipeline project and its relationship to the BLM Gathers. Most all of us have heard the rumors and the reports pertaining to this issue, involving employees of both organizations – individually and collaboratively. In YBTJ 5th Edition, I explored a little bit of these questions, but I wasn’t satisfied. I sent out emails this morning and have been on the phone today with Ruby project directors and BLM personnel in an attempt to get more pieces to this crazy jigsaw puzzle. I’ll just say this… YBTJ *next* Edition is going to be pretty interesting!

If there are specific questions or subjects you would like to have featured in the YBTJ series, as always feel free to email me or call me. And never think that anything is a stupid question. You might be surprised to find just how many others don’t have that answer either!

Until next posting, happy commenting and as always, stay safe, and never give up!



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