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Daily Gather Updates from

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on January 10, 2010

These updates are copied and pasted directly from the “Gather Updates” page at I will do my best to update this post as the Gather Updates are posted on the BLM website.   



Gather Activity Updates

Updates will be posted as we receive information.
Date  Comments
Jan. 8, 2010
Haven’t received information about the gather activities by the close of business today.  Next update will be Monday, Jan. 11.
Jan. 7, 2010
Weather conditions prevented the helicopter from flying so no gathering was conducted today.  Eighty-nine horses were shipped to the Fallon facility.  One 20-year plus mare in poor body condition that was unlikely to improve was put down as an act of mercy.Totals: 477 gathered, 367 shipped to Fallon, 106 at gather corrals, 3 deaths, 1 back to HMA  
Jan. 6, 2010
Drizzling rain and freezing temperatures are delaying gathering this morning.  If temperatures warm up, the contractor will gather.  Eight members of the public plan to attend today’s observation day.  The weather impoved by mid-day and the contractor was able to gather 53 animals (19 studs, 23 mares and 11 weanlings/foals).   Thirty-six studs were transported to the Fallon facility.  They are in good flesh with no signs of upper respiratory infection.Totals: 477 gathered, 278 transported to Fallon. 
Jan. 5, 2010
Gather activities are continuing at the Black Rock West HMA with 125 horses gathered without incident (33 studs, 66 mares, 26 weanlings/foals).  Body conditions of the horses range from thin to moderately thin, but with no apparent or visible health or respiratory complications.  The animals will be examined by the veterinarian on Wednesday.Eighty four excess wild horses were transported to the Fallon facility.  Totals: 424 gathered, 242 transported to Fallon.  
Jan. 4, 2010
Gather operations resumed within the Black Rock West HMA, and 138 animals were gathered, without incident (45 studs, 63 mares, 30 weanlings/foals).  Most of the animals are thin to moderately thin, but overall in good health.  The condition of the mares is noted as slightly poorer condition than those gathered on the Black Rock East HMA.  Weanling condition is fine with two weanlings showing signs of lameness on their hind legs.  No cuts, wounds or upper respiratory infection is noted.  All the horses will be inspected by the holding facility veterinarian when they arrive there.
Jan. 3, 2010
The contractor relocated and set up the gather corrals in the Black Rock West HMA within the Complex.  Gather operations were not anticipated to start on Monday.  However, gather activities could resume on Monday if the contractor has completed set up and experiences favorable weather and flight conditions.
Jan. 2, 2010
The contractor collected 11 wild horses without incident (2 studs, 6 mares, 3 weanlings/foals).  Members of wild horse groups attended today’s observation day. The group was able to observe and participate in discussions about the horses gathered on Fridayand discuss the euthanized mare and the 6-month-old colt which died during capture operations yesterday.The group watched the helicopter bring in 11 horses the gather corral.  The animals came in to the gather corral well with no problems, but once they horses were in the corrals, one stud horse caught his front leg over the top rail in the chute area, but worked himself free.  He was sorted into a separate pen and jumped over the holding pen panels and through a barbed-wire fence backto the rangeland.  Several members of the public observed and filmed the horse jumping over the pen rail and through the fence. On the way back to Winnemucca we saw wild horses on the north end of the Jackson Mountains and stopped so everyone could take pictures.  

The contractor revised the gather plan and plans to move the gather corrals on Sunday to the Black Rock West HMA.  He will set up near Soldier Meadows on Monday and plans to start gathering again on Tuesday.  

Jan. 1, 2010
Gather operations continue within the Black Rock East HMA.  However, weather conditions limited today’s gather activities as clouds covered the mountain tops, which limited visibility and created unsafe flying conditions.  Ultimately 10 wild horses were gathered without incident (1 stud, 6 mares, 3 weanlings/foals).  One colt died as it was being brought in.  An after-death examination revealed a pre-existing pulmonary condition. No animals were shipped today. Click here for the veterinarian report.
Dec. 31, 2009
Four people representing wild horse groups attended the gather site today.  There is heavy snowfall at the gather site and the contractor is not flying today.  Snow is forecasted until mid-day Friday. Today, 66 horses were transported to the Fallon facility (27 studs, 25 mares, 13 weanlings and one foal).  All of the horses are in normal condition for winter gathers, with a few noted in lesser condition.   No horses were shipped on Wednesday.  There are no plans to ship any animals on Friday.  Next update will be Monday, Jan. 4.  
Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2009 Seventy-three of the 74 horses captured on Monday were transported to the Fallon facility on Tuesday.  Many of the horses are in good body condition.  One horse, a 20-plus year-old mare with a body condition index of 2 (poor) was euthanized at the gather site on the recommendation of the onsite veterinarian who determined it was unlikely her condition would improve with better care. The BLM escorted media to the gather site today. 
Dec. 29, 2009
Horses gathered on  Monday are being moved to the Indian Lakes Road short-term holding facility in Fallon today.  Snowy weather conditions slowed gather operations today, but the contractor was able to gather on lower elevations and brought in 22 animals to gather corrals set up closer to those animals.
Dec. 28, 2009
First day of gather on the Black Rock Range East Herd Management Area (HMA).  All activities at the gather went smoothly and without incident.  Seventy-four horses were gathered with no reported injuries to the animals or the crew.
Dec. 27, 2009
Contractor set up gather site corrals.

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