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The Goal

Posted by Texas Mustang Project on January 9, 2010

A “middle ground” and cohabitation through communication and compromise is the Goal that I am now, have been, and will continue to work towards. I still hold true to the same belief: This is not about you or me or “them”… This is about better management options & protection for the wild horses & burros & the ecological system wherein they reside. Any deviation from that is nothing more than a waste of time for them, precious time of which they have little to spare.

Fortunately, I have been blessed with the ability to obtain and utilize information & knowledge from those whose words can become part of the larger picture of that Goal. A wise and learned Cherokee said once that the weakness of our enemy is our strength. This is why I do the best I can to pass on that information & knowledge. I utilize it to the best of my ability, and others do the same. Someone else may be able to use it toward the Goal better than I could. I welcome this with open eyes & open ears.

God spare me the day when I believe that I have obtained all information & knowledge, for that day shall be a day of reckoning for my soul lest I be delivered into His hands.

The education of others on the subject of Equus is how I see the Goal being obtained. Equus ferus caballus is the trinomial name which science has bestowed upon the modern horse. Equus is a subject all on its own because it encompasses so large a volume of information. It is no less important than reading, writing or arithmetic.

The language of Equus teaches mankind how to respect one another, how to behave in a civilized manner, even how to live a life of freedom within a binding family unit. And these lessons are just the tip of the iceberg. 

There is no requisite of horse ownership, participation in the equestrian arts, or even an active relationship with equines. However, an active relationship does strengthen one’s knowledge base and understanding of the subject. An individual can learn the language of Equus simply by observing a herd of wild horses. It is in fact a very uncomplicated process. Ironically enough, the majority of mankind never learns these lessons because they never stop long enough to see them being displayed on the chalkboard that is the open range.
When tourists & travelers & various other members of mankind look out across the range at a band of wild horses, most often the sentiment is one of awe & wonder at their beauty, their majesty, at their strength. It is all too rare of an occasion that they see the conversations between mother and child, lover to lover, brother to sister, patriarch to the next generation. These conversations do exist & they are visible to the naked eye. If only mankind would stop just long enough to use that vision, I believe there would not be any question any longer about the manner in which communication is conducted between these two species.

But of course, mankind is flawed. He is too busy trying to make the next pay day, or beat out his co-worker for the promotion. Keepin’ up with the Jones’. He is simply “too busy” with life to see the very basic fundamentals of how to live that life. He never learns these lessons. And he inevitably fails.

Amazing how the answer to success was right under his nose the whole time, and he pushed it aside to government holding facilities.

 Take a trip into the imagination with me… You are not human. You are not an equid. You are nothing more than an observer of the happenings of some place called Earth. You have witnessed the range being stripped of equines.

Now the range which he sought to “protect & manage for health” is losing its vitality. The ecosystem is diminishing by the day. The contributions made by the equids are no longer present because they are no longer present.

An old enemy to the soil is now thrown into an explosion of growth and presence, no longer kept in check by the very presence of those “pesky” equids. Their weight of one and a half to every one equine is taking its toll on the land. The once beautiful range is now threadbare. Sparse twigs of bushes & tiny blades of grass now stand weakly against the wind where once they stood strong and fierce.

But the white blades on tall polls turn rapidly. The sun beats harshly onto dark yet shiny plates connected to humming contraptions. Heat generates from places of depth and stillness, funneled into long cylindrical channels for transformation and use.

Mankind pats himself on the back. “Job well done!” he tells his fellow man. They congratulate each other for the accomplishment of bluer skies and cleaner air. The very notion of “Mother Nature” is a laughable fairy tale. Please! Man knows better than to believe in fairy tales!

Their children will have wonderful futures, filled with days of bright sun on their faces, oxygen rich air to breathe, less disease and famine and richer, fuller, healthier lives. But the children will not thank him for any of these things. In fact, they likely will not even appreciate these luxuries. For they were reared and taught by men who did not appreciate the wonderful gifts which Mother Nature bestowed upon him to begin with. He spit on Her garments; he threw Her gifts in the trash. Surely he cannot expect any different from his own children.

He will ask, “Why? Why do you not appreciate the things which I have provided for you?”

They will answer, “We have better plans. We can do it better. We know that you made sacrifices for us, but that’s all in the past now. We have to prepare the future for OUR children. And they will thank us, because we will do it better than the mess you have made.”

He will be horrified at their callous words. He will be terrified by their actions. And he will be helpless to stop them for they are his own creation. He brought them to this place, with the blood, sweat & tears of a devoted and loving servant. He gave his life’s blood so that they might rise above and prosper. And that they have!

Only imagination. Is it?

This reality will come to pass if steps are not taken now to prevent them.



Without knowledge, there is only instinct. Instinct without outside knowledge is survival at its core. Survival is not preservation.

Did you find any similarities on the imagination trip between Mankind and the Wild American Mustang?

History repeats itself if knowledge is not gained to remedy the past.

It is my deepest hope and most sincere prayer that the minds of those in power remember how to speak to their heart counterparts. Maybe then they can remember that it is never, ever “ok” to harm another living creature with cruelty, no matter how well their plans are laid, and no matter how good their intentions.

L’enfer est plein de bonnes volontés ou désirs.

(Hell is full of good intentions or wishes.)

St. Bernard of Clairveaux, 1150

 “Before you start shooting, make sure you have all your ducks in a row. If you still miss one, reload and catch him on the flip side.”

Ronnie Walters, my dad

© 2010 Tracie Lynn Thompson. All rights reserved.


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